Hardiewall solid wall systems has been developed by James Hardie over 15 years ago to provide a solid wall system that does not have the problem associated with traditional masonry wall or precast panel systems. It consists of light gauge galvanized steel stud framing, lined with Hardiewall fibre cement sheets and filled with a proprietary lightweight concrete core mix.


  • Light gauge steel framing similar to traditional drywall construction method, therefore, allowing services to be installed without chasing.
  • One single layer of Hardiewall fibre cement sheet is fixed to each side of the steel studs. Hardiewall sheets are immune to permanent moisture damage.
  • Lightweight concrete are pumped to each floor where Hardiewalls are located. Hence eliminating transportation of cement and sand.
  • Reduce site pollution as the only wet trade (mixing the lightweight concrete) is concentrated in the basement or ground floor areas and there are no requirements of wall chasing.
  • Smooth flat surface finishes eliminate labour intensive rendering.
  • High impact resistance and lightweight wall because it is with framing system and light weight concrete infill.
  • Allows greater flexibility on site through framed construction and readily accommodates architectural requirements, e.g. high walls and curved walls.
  • No wet site restriction, hence speed upconstuction progress.